Squash TF Cucumber Java Runner


The Squash Test Factory (Squash TF) Cucumber Java Runner allows you to run your tests written in Gherkin language with the TF ecosystem. The Java implementation of your Gherkin scripts must just be compatible with the cucumber framework.

The runner (Maven based) enables to run your scripts (a selection of feature files) from an IDE, command line, TF Server but also from Squash Test Management (Squash TM).

As with TF framework, different reporting are available. But with Cucumber Java Runner you can also have an HTML report specific to Gherkin scripts with among other informations, the result of the execution at each level (suite, feature, scenario, dataset, step), as well as the step by step feature display with the matching java methods executed.

In the case where the execution launcher is Squash Test Management (Squash TM), and simply by configuring TF, the runtime test status and the final report can be automatically forward to Squash TM.

The runner allows either to run the features either to check if the features are runnable (dryrun) , ie if the automation work was done which means that a java implementation of each step exists, is not empty and not reduce to throw an ‘cucumber.api.PendingException’.