Squash TF Roadmap


Currently our runners concerns the Java platform (Java Junit Runner, Cucumber Java Runner) We planned to support automated tests developed in other languages.

In our scope we have

  • Open the range of programming language supported. Python and C# are actually in our scope (without date for the moment).
  • Be able in the future to run tests written with studios like Robot Framework or Katalon

> Cucumber Java Runner

  • For this runner, we’ve planned for the next release an improvement to the reporting.

> Java Junit Runner

  • A study for an easier integration of soapui test in maven Javen Junit projects is planned.
  • At mid / long term we’re thinking to create a library purchasing, to test project written in java pure code approach, some of the Squash Keyword Framework feature. The study on soapui could lead to the first baby step for this library

Squash TF Execution Server

  • An update of the jenkins version and its plugin is planned for the next Squash Execution Server release
  • A publication of our docker image in docker hub
  • Publication of docker image for agent
  • We’ve also planned to create a jenkins plugin to purchase a more user friendly way to connect Squash TF with Squash TM. It’s a mid term goal

Our development tools

> Squash Keyword Framework

  • With our new keyword approach we’ve planned to provide a large set of macro in order to be able to use all the Squash Keyword Framework features in the automation scripts without using low level instructions
  • A dedicated Appium plugin is in the roadmap (instead of using the selenium plugin to execute appium test)
  • In the TM TF link context, linkage through metadata in automated test instead of linked done in Squash TM interface is in reflexion

> IntelliJ Plugin

  • An IntelliJ plugin is currently in development. The main features would be autocompletion and syntax highlighting
  • In the TM TF link context, we consider to create an assistant in our Intellij plugin to :
    • identify test cases (classic or gherkin) written in Squash TM with no implementation in the automation project
    • offer a skeleton for missing implementation in the automation project