Squash TF Runners

Environment configuration


Our runners are build to run in our Execution Server. So it’s highly recommended to configure your development environment as describe in the section below.

First we advise to use the same tools versions as those we used in our execution server :

  • maven: 3.5.0
  • java: 1.8

Our maven library are hosted on our own repository. In consequence, you have to define our repository in your maven settings. To do so, edit (or create) the maven settings.xml file in your .m2 directory (The .m2 directory is generally located in your Home directory) and add a new profile:



      <!-- Squash TF maven repository -->
          <name>squashtest test factory - releases</name>

      <!-- Squash TF maven plugin repository -->



We also advise to patch your maven by using the procedure below for a better logging with our runners :


In all the procedure $MVN_HOME is your maven installation directory, and $MVN_VERSION your maven version.

  • Create a logging configuration file called log4j2.xml in $MVN_HOME/conf/logging/ and fill it with :
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <Property name="maven.logging.root.level">INFO</Property>
    <Console name="console" target="SYSTEM_OUT">
      <PatternLayout pattern="[%p] %msg%n%throwable" />
    <Root level="${sys:maven.logging.root.level}">
      <Appender-ref ref="console"/>
<!-- <logger name="[USER_MESSAGE]" level="DEBUG"/> -->
  • Remove if exists :
    • In the directory $MVN_HOME/lib the file maven-sl4j-provider-$MVN_VERSION.jar
    • In the directory $MVN_HOME/conf/logging/ the file deletesimpleLogger.properties