Welcome to Squash TF components documentation!

Squash Test Factory (aka Squash TF) is a set of components whose purpose is to help you run your project’s automated tests related to Squash TM (Squash Test Management) test cases.

Squash TF provide :

  • Runners : They manage the link between Squash TM test cases and the automated tests
  • An execution server : To handle the execution of automated tests drove by our runners


The Squash TF runners should be able to

  • manage the test suites to execute
  • launch the tests executions
  • manage the reports creation
  • when linked with Squash TM
    • report tests execution status to Squash TM
    • send execution reports URL to Squash TM
  • list all the automated tests of the project

For now, the following runners are available :

Some other runners will come. The final aim is : Whatever technology you choose to implement your automated tests, we want to be able to execute them in Squash TF Execution Server.

Execution Server

The execution server is based on jenkins and its distributed build capabilities (for multi environments execution). Use Jenkins bring us :

  • all the features of the jenkins ecosystem ( scm connectors, master/agent mode, pipeline, …)
  • facilitate the integration in CI/CD pipelines

We distribute Squash TF Execution Server in two ways:

  • as installer for windows and linux
  • as docker image for linux